Nichkhun will be edited out for the upcoming Shinhwa vs. 2PM special on ‘God of Victory’

On the upcoming episode of MBC‘s ‘God of Victory‘ featuring an intense battle between first generation idol group Shinhwa and beastly idol group 2PM, it has been confirmed that the scenes featuring Nichkhun will be edited out.

On the 27th, the PD of the show confirmed, “On the September 2nd episode of ‘God of Victory’ featuring Shinhwa and 2PM, we will try to edit out Nichkhun’s parts as much as possible. We will try to edit [Nichkhun] as much as possible to prevent any interruption of the program’s momentum.”

This episode was recorded a few months ago back on May, prior to Nichkhun’s DUI accident on July 24th. On this special episode to be aired on September 2nd, the two respective groups will be competing against each other for ten fierce rounds of competitive games.

Source + image: Star News via Nate

cr : allkpop


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