[VIDEO FULL] 121110 RAW Star King Ep 289: Victoria and 2PM

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cr : kshowgo.net


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  1. going to subtitle the video?

  2. Oh my God, the song the guy plays on piano at 1:08:05 is the same 1st song that starts playing here on khuntoriaworld!

    Don’t know if it’s just me but she didn’t looked really happy/like enjoying or laughing out loud. And the fact that her main function there was to be a translater, made me feel better. Not like the other times when she did stretching (wich she does smiling from one ear to another) and the spotlight was all on her, you know?
    There were times that she smiled just by contracting her lips but not showing her teeth, you know? It’s not sincere. Looks like she’s smiling because she has to (just comparing: when they show a preview of next show and she’s laughing at 1:20:35)

    I find it funny that she got to sit next to Chansung, but she didn’t keep looking at him very much when he was talking (I bet she thought Nichkhun was going to watch and didn’t want him to get jealous, like he has nothing to worry about :))

  3. Wahhh the video was removed T_T

  4. ga bisa liat 😦

  5. I’m looking for the Star King video where Nichkhun and Victoria guest together, does anyone know what episode that is? Thanks!

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