[Trans] 2PM – GyaO Live Talk with 2PM on 12th Nov

MC: Our guest tonight is 2PM!! Going to release a new single on 14th November!

All: Hello everyone! This is 2PM!!

MC: Please introduce yourselves!

JH: Hi, this is Junho from 2PM.

MC: Nice to meet you! Junho-san, congratulation on your debut as an actor!

JH: Thank you!!

Q: How do you feel about your debut as an actor?

JH: Well… I’m the first one who became an movie actor in 2PM, so I’ll do my best.

TY: Khun has already…

JH: Oh!

NK: In Korea! In Korea!!

MC: Okay, in Korea. Did you get nervous?

JH: No…Not nervous, more like interesting!

MC: Great! Hope you become a great actor! Next!

WY: This is Wooyoung from 2PM.

Q: What do you do during your flight?

WY: I usually… sleep.

MC: You are so cute!! I’m straight, though lol=Junho can’t stop Laughing lol=

MC: OK… flights are tiresome right?

WY: Yes.

MC: Do you know where you are now?

WY: Oh, I know! I’m in Yahoo!

MC: No no no, Japan is OK!! You don’t have to answer so precisely lol OK, next!

JK: This is Jun. K from 2PM. Good evening!

Q: Christmas is coming up, do you have some memorable Christmas episodes?

TY: Memorable Christmas!?

JK: Christmas… (starts singing Japanese Christmas song )

TY: Just a short version!!

JK: This is my favorite Japanese Christmas song!

MC: yes, a good song, right? So any memories about christmas? If you don’t, hope you have a special one in the future.

JK: OK, I’ll try my best…

MC: Do you spend Christmas day in Japan this year?

JK: No, in Korea

MC: What do you eat on Christmas day in Korea?

JK: mmm…. Christmas cake! And have some events.

JH: Oh, do you? We basically have to work…

TY: What did you do?

JK: OK, when I was 18, I had a special event with my girlfriend.

All: Wow!!!

JH: I’m so jealous…

MC: You were too grown up-for your age at that time… Girls should have been crazy about you.

JK: Well, I prepared a surprise event for my girlfriend with cake and candles… and MARRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

All: Congrats!

TY: Hi, this is Taecyeon.

Q: I heard you like reading books. What did you read first?

TY: First one… Maybe, when I was an elementary school student, “the Romance of Three Kingdoms”?

MC: So you like historical novels.

TY: Yes, I love historical novels

MC: That makes you look so smart!!

TY: Thank you very much

MC: OK! Next NichKhun!!

NK: This is NichKhun from 2PM.

Q: Can you see the letters on banners or fan during the concerts?

NK: Yes! I can see them.

MC: Do you read them?

NK: …Yes! Sometimes I can find some ritten in Thai language as well.

MC: What kind of messages make you happy?

NK: mmm…

TY: Khun oppar!! I love you!! (w/high-tone voice lol)

NK: Yes. I love you is nice.

MC: How do you say “I love you” in Korean?

WY: Saranghaeyo!

NK: Yes, Saranghaeyo!

MC: Tens of thousands of fans should be screaming “Saranghaeyo!” during concerts!OK next!

CS: Good evening, this is Chansung from 2PM.

MC: Questions for Chansung… Let’s see…OK!

Q: What do you do first after you come back from other countries?

CS: When I come back from other countries…mmmm=TY pretends eating.=

MC: You like eating?

CS: Yes, I like eating but… I usually sleep!

MC: I see… You should be tired after work.

CS: Yes.

MC: So Wooyoung and Chansung love sleeping?


WY: Because we are tired.

CS: I can sleep so quickly if I have time.

MC: That’s some kind of talent, right?

CS: Yes, should be…

MC: Okay! So This is 2PM!!!!=skip explanation part =

MC: Congrats on your 5th single!

All: Thank you!

MC: Do you have some episodes from recording?

TY: We recorded this song in Japan. It’s kinda rare case.

MC: So you never have recorded other songs in Japan?

JK: I recorded in Korea.

JH: Me too!

TY: Am I the only one recorded this song in Japan?

MC: Can you have this kind of conversation in your backstage room?

TY: OK! If you guys have other episodes, let’s talk about it!

MC: Do you have any, Chansung?

CS: No, not at all. Mmmmmmm… No episodes are coming up with me right now.

MC: The recording should have been so smooth without any problems.Well you guys have perfect bodies!

JH: Yes! We do have!

MC: I can’t show off my nipples! =Translator is trying to translate =

MC: Oh, you don’t have to translate this part!!

JH: No. That’s her job!

MC: Mask dance is featured on this song. Can you show us a bit?

TY: These masks have magnets. So these can be fit and don’t fall.

JH: So cool!! If you see this dance with music, it’s so much better!=Music Video=

MC: What kind of message do you sing in this song?

WY: This song is based on the strong message that I want to take my loved one away from everything(I’m not quite sure for this trans sorry…)

Q: Did you have some problems during recording music video of masquerade?

WY: Nothing special.

JH: Masks dropped off!

JK: Mask dance was really hard.

MC: No magnets on your shoulder?

CS: We have!

MC: Oh I see… dance is so vigorous so masks may dropped off…=Chansung dropped off his mask=

MC: Thank you Chansung for your explanation!!

CS: That’s OK. Thank you too.

=Skip explanation Masquerade=

MC: OK! Now we start game!!

TY: Wow so suddenly!!

MC: If you lost, pls show us your kissing face! Pop-up Pirate with Mask game!!

WY: Wow! The pirate is Masquerade virsion!

MC: We make it!!

TY: Thank you

MC: If he pops up, you lose! The one who popped up him has to show your kissing face! Toward… that camera, ok?You have to answer my question before you put the sword as well.

Q: Japanese word you learned recently.

JH: Kitanai (Dirty)

MC: How did you learn that word?

JH: I was watching some dramas…

WY: Souzouryoku (imagination/creation? I can’t judge from the sounds since its double meaning word)

JK: Kashikoi (Clever)

CS: mmmmmmm… mmmmm… Banana? Oh that’s what I want to eat right now…

NK: Rakugo (Japanese traditional entertainment)=Pirate popped up=

MC: Did you say Rakugo?

NK: Yes

TY: Congrats!

MC: So can you show us your kissing face?

TY: long-awaited Khun’s kissing face!=Khun’s Kiss!!=

Q: What type of girls do you like?

TY: Innocent girls.

JH: Really?

TY: hahahaha

JH: Kind girls

WY: Not too skiny.

MC: you mean glamourous and sexy ?

WY: No.. not glamourous. I prefer a bit fat…

JH: Fuwa-fuwa?? (fluffy if I translate directly but a bit different in this context)

WY: I mean… Chubby girls!

MC: Fans should be so happy to hear that!

JK: I like girls with eyes like dogs…cute and kind!

MC: You mean girls with eyes like puppies? Asking you to take her home?

JK: mmm….. That’s it! That’s it!!

CS: Girls who knows her own charms well.

NK: Girls who can cook well!

MC: What kind of food do you like?

NK: All kinds of food… but especially Thai food.

MC: Spicy ones?

NK: Yes! I like spicy food!

CS: I will catch him if he pops up.=Pirate didn’t pop up=

Q: Message for fans who are watching this program right now.

TY: Don’t catch a cold. Take care!=TY didn’t put the sword fully. So Khun helped, then the pirate popped up=

TY: Khun did!!


TY: Khun did, right?

All: Taecyeon! Taecyeon!

TY: No way!! (Taec said it in Kansai dialect!)=Taec’s Kiss!=

TY: I’m getting shy!!!

MC: That was so real! OK, one more round!Junho which question do you like?

JH: …Whatever is fine!

TY: Then No.8! I don’t know what kind of question No. 8 is, tho.

Q: What is your charm?

JH: Smile?

WY: Me too… (Woo said this in same tone as Junho said smile) thighs!

MC: Do you train your thighs?

WY: No, not really but when I was a kid, I really liked playing soccer.=Translator dropped her hand phone off=

JK: My charm is big voice! HA! HA!

MC: What’s that!?

JK: Vocalization exercises! HA! HA!

JH: OK, OK, that’s enough!


JH: OK,great…

JK: So sorry everyone…

CS: Mine is… eyes!

MC: Oh, your eyes are so big! Do you have this type of game in Korea?

All: Yes

MC: The face is same?

TY: Not sure…

CS: I don’t know…

NK: Lips!!

MC: You are confident on your lips?

NK: …no…

MC: Why did you lie? lol

NK: No other things came up with me…

MC: Thank you for caring us. And Thank you for the wonderful kissing face…

TY: Ears. Because my ears are big.

MC: In Japan, we say if you have big ear lobes, you can be rich.

CS: That’s same in Korea, too.

JH: Chansung has big ear lobes!

MC: Who has the biggest ear lobes?

JH: Chansung

JK: Chansung

MC: I see, Chansung has big ear lobes. Big eyes as well…

Q: What would you like to do other than singer?

JH: I compose music and write lyrics everyday… so musician?

MC: Singer is included in musicians…

JH: Composer!? Producer!!

WY: I’d like to be a producer as well but more like stage director.

CS: You want to create your own work right? (helping Woo to say it right in Japanese)

WY: Yes! Yes!

MC: Chansung, you are so kind!

JK: Novelist… NO! VE! LIST!

MC: Oh, big voice again!

MC: Who is your favorite novelist? Both Japanese and Korean.

JK: Japanese… I like Yoshimoto Banana. Korean 정채봉(I’m not sure for the name. sory)I read book since I was a kid, and his/her book was the most impressive when I was a child.

CS: I want to try various kind of things, but I want to try acting the most. So actor. And I want to write my own books as well.

MC: What role do you want to play as an actor?

CS: I never thought of any specific role.

NK: I want to be a chef!

MC: Stop checking it, Taec!!

TY: I want be a voice actor for an animation movie once.

MC: Only once?

TY: Yes, just once. I want to have a fresh experience. Because I never have tried voice acting.

Q: What do you always bring with you?

JH: Handphone.=Popped-up!=

MC: This program was to finish at 22:00, but it’s already 21:50…(The program was extended for 10 mins.)

JH: Oh, hurry up!! Hurry up!!

TY: 1, 2, 3!

JH: Chu!

TY: One more time!!

MC: OK the game is over!

TY: Thank you very much!

Trans by maminie0211 via follow_khun ; we love 2PM


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