[ANALYSIS/INSIGHT] Who did Victoria Support for??

Related to Victoria weibo update today, i just wanna share analysis of it now…About she gave the support for TVXQ concert in Seoul today, i thought she uses TVXQ as alibi because it will cause many risks if she mentions 2PM? Let’s see, she wants giving TVXQ support for their Seoul Concert? Why did she use weibo, when she also has me2day for Korean social network? Weibo has no related with TVXQ Seoul Concert, weibo just for China netizens..but for China concert….i think it makes sense 🙂

Lastyear, 2PM Concert in Jakarta, 111111 Vic udpated her me2day for supporting TRAX with same pose, now…121117, 2PM concert in Shanghai, she updates weibo for cheering TVXQ with that pose? but, why did she look a bit sad? i guess, if we want to give a support we will looks happy, aren’t we?? but why Victoria look sad in that pict? Is it because she can’t attend her ex virtual husband concert? So, who is the one, Vic wanna give support? TVXQ or 2PM??

I don’t care if u guys think, it’s too delusional…believe what u wanna believe, i will believe what i want to..:D

cr. pict to the owner


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  1. Daebak..only khuntorian can c the meaning beside all this… 🙂

  2. Khuntorian’s are the best!!!

  3. Victoria_Horvejkul

    and her last sentence… “In a few days..could we meet in Changsha?”…
    are this question 4 her fans or khun (bcoz khun already in china that time)
    sorry for being too delusion…

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