Like an angle, Like my mother, Like the bestest friend of mine

cr. @苦瓜蜡笔小西


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Posted on November 18, 2012, in GIF, Khuntoria, Nichkhun, Photos, Victoria. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Sad 😦 I wish the gif was in english subbed.

    • but u know that scene, right?? on the first pict, khun said u’re my angel…second pict khun said vic like his mother when they have same action to hit him,,and the third pict khun said for him wife, mother is like bestfriend too ( if i’m not wrong )…;)

  2. Yes ofcourse Riana I know that scene! I know it by heart 🙂 I just thought it would b good also if it’s in english so even non Khuntoria fan yet will understand. But it’s ok since we all know what scenes in the gif are.

  3. aaahhhh,,yeah that’s right, hehehe..:) but maybe they will see my comment, hehehe..

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