[LYRIC] Nichkhun – Let it rain (full lyric)

Cr: 哟丶秋裤喜 ; via titasuri


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  1. brilliantmai

    Khunnie is a good composer. He is very sincere in composing this song. And I can feel the essence of Quannie through this song. He was able to composed such a meaningful lyrics. 🙂

    *it’s just my thought that he composed this song, dedicated to someone special which is vic*

  2. Cherry pie 2430

    I Love Khuntoria ^_^ ..Oh Cute!! xD

  3. Mary Rose Soriano

    i miss khuntoria:(((
    wish they could have a show/ project together…

  4. love khuntoria sooo much 😉
    love khuntoria till the end :)))

  5. He dedicated this song to us his fans

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