[FANACC] Nichkhun at 2PM Concert in Shanghai

At the beginning,Khun seemed a little bit nervous. So he didn’t sing very well,especially “Give it to me”. But he sang better later. When he sang “I can’t”,I could see the tears in his eyes. “Let it rain” is the best. He sang it with emotion. And there were tears in his eyes. When he sang “Like an angel like my mother,like the bestest friend of mine”, I could feel the emotion which he wanted to express. I cried. And all fans listen to it quietly. After that,Taec made fun of Khun because of these lyrics. And that made Khun shy. staffs didn’t allow Khuntorians to hang Khuntoria banners. Although Khun didn’t took ireumi this time,we all could understand it. JYPE had very restrict regulations this time.

cr: 小跳跳羊亲 ; via @mokcheng0828


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  1. I wonder why staffs didnt allow Khuntoria banners to hang? I hope Khun did not asked staff to do that :((

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