[GIF] A fan threw ireumi to the stage…

and when Khun saw his kid, his expression is like this….lol

cr. 回复 ; via @mokcheng0828


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  1. Oh he smiled,, but why didnt you picked it up Khun! ~ke ke~
    IF he just walk straight ahead he will step on ireumi, but he holds onto Junho’s arm, and side-steps to avoid ireumi. Haha, Khun avoiding Ireumi?
    Where are they getting this ireumis?? I have seen lots of them on f(x) concerts as well.
    Even when they have a show abroad, ireumis everywhere. I want to buy one for myself!

  2. Hello there,
    My thought is the same as Jennica’s,love your’s.Why not do that Khun?Just pick him up and ju jub(kiss), then give him back to the fans…ohh… tons of love from fans ke ke
    Rak na ka.

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