[WEIBO] 121120 Victoria Weibo Update


Translation :

Have smoothly and very happily finished recording “Happy Camp”. Thank you Jiong He teacher ~ Thank you Nana jie~ Thank you Wei Jia ge ~ Thank you Wu Xin jie~ Thank you Hai Tao~ And also thanks to every staff, although we just met for the first time, but you’re very friendly and taking good care of me, hopefully I can come again next time ~ and.. Thank you to the ones who picked me up at the airport last night and, All of you, who came to the studio today! You’ve worked hard~ and also those two kids who bought me lunch.


Wonderful translated by Babitu @FSQ ; via welovekhuntoriath

P.s. Jie (jiejie) means sister/unnie. Ge (gege) means brother/oppa


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