[NEWS] 2PM ‘On a Night of Shining Water~’

Group 2PM climbs on stage for ‘On a Night of Shining Water’.

At 8 PM on the 29th, Ongjin Coway will host the ‘On a Night of Shining Water’ music festival at Seoul Olympic Park’s Olympic Stadium.

Coway describes the concept of the festival as the feeling of their main clients, the ‘moms’ to return to their brightest and freshest moment as teenagers and have a fun time with their family. Along with the CF models 2PM, Baek Jiyoung, Byun Jinsup, Go Junyeop, etc. will perform.

In order to get the event tickets, go to Coway’s homepage (www.coway.co.kr) and write about your memories as adolescents in ‘Memory Contest’, or give suggestions of missions for 2PM to do directly through ‘Surprise Mission Event’. Along with the event ticket, a movie ticket, coffee gift card, 2PM signed CD, etc. have also been prepared. The winners will be revealed next week on the 9th.

cr. dkpopnews


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