[FANACC] 121207 2PM Hi5 Event in Jakarta


1. Taecyeon : when I call him ‘taecyeon’ with my friends, he smile with me. Ok I’ll die. He show me his dimple T.T perfecto

2. Wooyoung : he’s really cute. He talk about ‘chicken’ hahahahha LOL

3. Nichkhun : hahahahaha he’s really perfect, wide smile, and nods to me when see my sunflower and my khuntoria hair bands . Die die ! ><

4. Chansung : omg! Handsome. His face look so shinny. He really perfect. I think he looks like a prince. T.T

5. Junho : awww he say hello to me. T.T I’m speechless. His hand so wet. My baby junho~ come come to me

6. Junsu : he smile to me and say hello to me. Ok. Jun.K you’re handsome too oppa!!!!

credit to @my_chaa


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