2PM Jakarta Concert ‘It Cannot Be Hotter Than This!’



2012 2PM LIVE TOUR “What Time Is It?”

2PM Jakarta Concert It Cannot Be Hotter Than This! 

2PM Concert, a Special Program is Scheduled in Indonesia

– December 8th, 2012 2PM LIVE TOUR “What Time Is It?” Concert held in Mata Elang International Stadium

– 9000 Fans’ fervent love and the sizzling heat that cannot be any hotter  

– A surprise gift of an Indonesian children’s song for the fans  

– The major medium in local, ‘Trans TV’ schedules a 2PM Special Program that will be broadcasted on the 25th


2PM heated up Jarkarta with 9000 Indonesia fans.

2PM, who visited Jakarta last week for the tour concert called 2012 2PM LIVE TOUR in Jakarta “What Time Is It?” entered the country with the Indonesia fans’ hot love. 2PM felt the heat of Jarkarta hotter than ever before through the concert and many activities such as the press interview and the HI-5 event that made the members closer to the local fans.

On December 8th, the recent concert held in Mata Elang International Stadium was filled with the heat of 9000 fans, who visited the concert hall to be with 2PM. Also, 2PM re-captivated the fans with the surprise performances like singing an Indonesia children’s song.

With the fans who sang along the songs throughout the concert, the sizzling heat of the recent tour concert was hotter than that of the last tour concert, To feel the fans’ love even closer, 2PM ran around the left and right sides of the built thrust stage and united with the fans.

Owing to the favorable reviews of the sell-out 2011 Concert, the recent concert, in particular,  led the local major medium, Trans TV, to schedule a ‘2PM Special Program’ that contains images of 2PM’s Indonesia visit and the concert, and program will broadcasted on December 25th.

2PM returns to Korea today after the Indonesia concert.

Meanwhile, 2PM is receiving a positive response with the recent release of the clothing album, and will continue the tour concert in Taiwan on the 15th and Macau on the 22nd.

 cr. JYP Entertainment


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  1. Senang bisa liat Nichkhun konser di Jakarta..mengobati kerinduan kita dari hiatus Nichkhun..hehehe..Semoga saja dia bisa kembali ke Indonesia di tahun 2013

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