[FANACC] 121208 2PM Live Tour Jakarta

i can see that our boys are so happy tonight. theyre really having fun while on stage!
at ‘i will risk my life’ khun and chan missed their beginning part, idk why, its almost like they were holding back ><
chansung singing a c
OH and Taec was so happy cos indonesian hottest did fanchant during ‘ITS TIME’ !
before khun said “damn, i love indonesia!” he discuss it first with taec, but taec afraid that it’ll be unappropriate, khun “no, lets do it!” 2x
‘damn, i love indonesia’ is actually a clothing line of vjdaniel who is friends with khuntaec. so it was a bittt of promotion too lol
jun.k got a big panda from thaihottest during encore, he keeps holding it and put the panda in the center of the upper stage xD like a boss!
Chan-ho-woo-jun.K bahasa is so good! chan and ho speaks english more than the usual :3
i remember during JWY solo, on sexy lady dance break, fans chanted ‘JANG WOO YOUNG’ sooooo loud!!
chansung threw his solo stage shirt to diamond section, encore tshirt to festival right, and towel to festival left kkk toughtful fanservice

cr: nintaHottest ; via we love 2PM

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