[NEWS] 2PM Rocks their Second “What Time Is It?” Tour Stop In Jakarta


With over 9000 hottests ready to rock Mata Elang International Stadium, Jakarta on 8 December 2012, 2PM has kept their promise with their return, aptly opening their delayed concert stage with “I’ll Be Back.”

Fans of all ages gathered to be in one place for the return of their favorite beast idols to Indonesia – and with the long delay that passed half an hour mark, their chants grew louder and louder. “I Was Crazy About You” and a remix of “Bimida”. Fans went wild as they were dressed in black leather suits and LED lights that captivated their tall and chiseled figures even if one is sitting from a afar.

“Annyeonghaseyo yeoreobun! Selamat malam, kami 2PM!” (Good evening, we’re 2PM)

Fans went wild for their local talk, knowing how much these men are charismatic, they never fail to make people laugh with their antics. “Lama tidak bertemu (Long time no see),” said Wooyoung, while Chansung greeted in Korean, the English-speaking members Taecyeon and Nichkhun took the mic away. “It’s been over a year since November when we came to Jakarta. Now, our Asia tour has started!”

The “What Time Is It Asia Tour” in Jakarta was their second stop prior to their first Shanghai stop in November. Wooyoung continued on to tease the audience by “Ssssh!” only to have made louder cheers. “Do you miss us?” and Hottests in harmony cheered “Yes!”

“Are you guys ready?Junho introduced to the next song, ‘Give It To Me’, which is his own penned song, to teach the choreography of the song, then later broke into the music which resonated sweetly to the entire stadium.
As said in the press conference the day before, different live acts will be presented with a live band and new remixes of their old smash hits such as “Heartbeat” which was orchestrated with violin introduction and the members dance to the iconic puppeteer movement, and a special combo of the original “Again and Again” with the slow version that followed after. “Without You” made a bombastic entrance with dancers holding 2PM flags, emphasizing their this is the stage for the ‘republic of 2PM’ whilst the “Don’t Stop, Can’t Stop” hit was seen for the 2PM members themselves to wave the flags in fervor!


With or without the members on stage, the reaction was ever so positive; with the special video presented by the members to ‘all their hottests’, where the members wrote a hand note and one was written in the Indonesian native language that made all fans shouted with glee.

Their recent Japanese activities were put into live display as well with songs such as “Take Off” and “I’m Your man” to escalate the excitement. It was seen how true fans, whether in whatever language, knew to all the lyrics to have sung things together.

Under the JYP label where the CEO is known to write, harmonize and choreograph his own songs, 2PM clearly takes the talent to both dance and sing in a variety of music: ballads to pop and bass-heavy tracks were all pleasing in our hearing; the song “I Can’t” in acoustics made the moment romantic. It was seen as well how Nichkhun’s brother, Nichan – who made a slight craze when he entered the stadium seats for fans that were close immediately crammed in – to sing along as well. “I love you!” Junsu ended the performance that continued on to get cheers.

It was such an impression when2PM with the lead of Chansung to sing an Indonesian song, and later followed with a slight competition amongst members to say the right Indonesian words. While Junho kept continuing the song with “Satu Dua Tiga, kami cinta kalian” (one two three, we love you)  Wooyoung appealed to the fans that night with “Satu Dua Tiga, 2PM sayang semuanya” (one two three, we care for everyone) and “Aku punya hanya kamu, (I only have you)” with a little pause where he waited for an amazing loud response that affirms his statement was correct, and made a victorious “Yes!”

At every solo concert, all members put their skills into test into their own performance. While the youngest member Chansung later opened with ‘Let Me Love You Down Tonight’ and made everyone go wild wit his shirt getting ripped off. Junho, on the other hand showcased his other talent: drumplaying along to the song “I Can’t See The Light”. Taecyeon dressed himself as a DJ with a DJ box set, turning the show into an exciting club. Member Wooyoung who has established himself as a solo artist with his recent single this year performed his own song ’2NITE’ and made the crowd go wild, as it was something new from previous tours. Everyone’s favourite Nichkhun mesmerized fans with a piano and singing performance with “Let It Rain”. Finally, Junsu rocked it out with his rap introduction and keyboard solo with “Just One Night”. More like a Broadway musical, the live band performed with such quality in tune with Junsu’s powerful and sweet vocal skills is a live action feast that we would like to reiterate again and again, and that the audience will not disagree.
Over 25 songs were sung that night; with the repeat disco remix of “Hands Up” that made everyone jump up on their feet and chairs to dance to the entire songs together, their debut title “10 Out of 10″ with female dancers holding up a 10 score-board, and a rock live rendition of “I’ll Be Back”, that proves their continuous promise to return. “I really thank you guys for coming tonight to support us as always. Please go home safely and don’t forget to eat something before you sleep. I can’t say this on TV but… Damn, I love Indonesia! Nichkhun said. “Terima kasih atas kedatangannya (Thank you for your coming). We will be back soon, thank you!” Junho again pleased fans in his great Indonesian accent. They closed their show with a shot white confettis and parted with good memories.

cr :  Korea.com


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