[TRANS] 121214 2PM “What Time Is It?” Press Conference in Taiwan


Q: The image for this concert tour is ‘Super Hero’, can you tell us how your thoughts about it?
Woo : Actually, we have several different images for our performances. the ‘Super Hero’ image is just for the opening.

Q: Will there be any special performances for Taipei’s concert
Jun.k: yes
Taecyeon: that is a secret. hint: it is related to Junho.

Q: Let’s talk about the difference between solo and group performance. do you feel particularly excited when performing alone?
Junho: each solo performance will highlight the uniqueness of each member, and at the concert, you will see a side of 2PM, that you will not see in a program.

Q: What’s the difference between acting and singing? would u like to take on the challenge of acting? any particular character which u would like to portray?
Chansung: In terms of expressing emotion, both acting and singing are very much alike. however, acting is more closely related to real life, whereas singing is more like creating an emotion. I want to do a good job both in singing and acting.
Taecyeon: The roles that I have portrayed so far, tend to be slightly pitiful. I would like to take on a character that is rich in sweetness.

Q: are there any places u would like to visit? or Taiwanese food that you want to eat?
Taecyeon: I want to visit Taipei 101.
Chansung: want to drink pearl milk tea and eat pineapple cake.

Trans by pillarsofsalt ; via we love 2PM


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