[NEWS] 2PM Taiwan Concert, Enthusiasm of the 7000 Audience


2PM Taiwan Concert, Enthusiasm of the 7000 Audience

2PM Taiwan Concert, Was Held with the Love of 7000 Audience

– 2012 2PM LIVE TOUR “What Time Is It?” concert was held in Taiwan on the 15th

– The airport was in a hustle and bustle with the local fans, driven to see 2PM’s concert after a year

– A member Junho, sung ‘不敗’, a duet with Van Ness, as a gift for the local fans

– The special stages for the fans of each country amplify impression and anticipation of the concert

– All the members were touched by the passionate love of Taiwanese fans 

2PM returns to Korea after the successful completion of the tour concert “What Time Is It?” in Taiwan.

Followed by the last Asia Tour, 2PM visited Taiwan after a year for the solo concert on the 14th, entered the country with the rousing cheers of the local fans who filled the airport with the hustle and bustle, had a local press interview and a rehearsal, and conveyed the delight of the love through a direct communication with the fans such as the HI-5 event.

At the recent concert, which was held at Nangang Exhibition Hall in Taiwan, 2PM reciprocated the love and enthusiasm of 7000 fans that packed the concert hall with the stage and the performance that was hotter than ever. In particular, the member Junho prepared a surprise gift for Taiwanese fans, who always cheer and love 2PM, by singing ‘不敗,’ a duet with Van Ness that was released in local in April.

Continuing the concert in each country of Asia and reciprocating the love with the special stage prepared for the particular country, 2PM moves the fans from each country while increasing another expectation about the upcoming special stage in a different country.

2PM conveyed the appreciation, “We had an overwhelming and a joyful moment by meeting the Taiwanese fans again with the solo concert in Taiwan after a year. We always appreciate the great affection for us, and us 2PM will always do our best.”

2PM has Macau Concert ahead on the 22nd.

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