[FANACC] 121215 Nichkhun at What Time is It Tour in Taipei

3 fans attended Hi-5,and they hid the stickers in their hands to let Khun see them.
Khun received their gifts and said thanks in Chinese when fans said Khuntoria fighting. When the concert begun,Khun appearing,we all screamed. the scream for Khun is the loudest. During talk time,Khun self-introduced in Eng. in a slow and simple Eng. at the whole concert,he’s silent and cameras seldom took him. When “Back2 U” … it doesn’t disappoint me. as usual,the same indifferent expression again. That made me wanna laugh. the distance with his dancer is so long. When Jun.K’s part,Khun performed hug and separation with his dancer but he burst out laughing after the hug. Khun’s so cute.

When Khun sang “Let it rain” (the song of Song Qian 宋茜之歌),I screamed out “Song Qian”. when he sang the most important part,I wanna cry. My friend told me she had goose bumps. I heard fans singing with Khun. they must be Khuntorians. During the whole concert,Khun’s very happy. and he became more and more happier,not that so nervous. The most of time where he stayed is on the right stage. becoz there r “dong dong” and “K ♥ V” banners. A fan holding banner had eye contact with Khun,and Khun smiled to her. She felt satisfied.

At the final talk,many fans held “thank u & 4ever” to let him know many fans keep supporting him.

At the end,he took Mickey Mouse. we r so excited. this is the most exciting moment at the whole concert for me.

cr: 微笑skyann ; via @mokcheng0828


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