[FANFICTION] Missing You in The Rain – English Version


Title : Missing You In The Rain

Author : cherry_blossom a.k.a r13eonnie

Main Cast : Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul & Victoria Song…KHUNTORIA FOREVER…

Disclaimer : PLOT AND STORY IS MINE…The original version is here…English translation by my friends ( big thanks for her )..sorry for typo…:)

Big Thanks to Jisankey for Beautiful Poster..;)



cherry_blossom © 2012 PRESENTS

“Aren’t you go home?” he asked while coming to me who waited at the bus stop.

“Nope, I forgot to bring my umbrella today” I answered with pouty lips.

“Till when you’ll be here huh? Waiting the rain to stop? You’ll arrive at home tomorrow morning then” he’s ruffling his wet hair and honestly my eyes got stuck on him when he’s wet like this, kind of sexy hehe.

“So, what I’m supposed to do? I’ve waited, but the bus didn’t stop by” I said to him.

“There’s only one way” he says while looking at me.

“What’s that” I asked him.

“Come with me” he pulled my hands.

“Yah, khunnie! Let go of me, are you crazy? I’m gonna be sick if I’m exposed by the rain” I tried to pull my hand off him, but his energy is bigger than mine, all I can do is just surrender, besides, my body was already soaked through now.

“Who said that? You know what, it’s very fun to playing in the rain” he shouted at me with his hands still holding my hand tightly. “Wohooooo” he asked me to run in the midst of torrential rain.

That day, I was waiting the bus after classes, I couldn’t go home because I got caught up by the rain and forgot to bring my umbrella. And then suddenly he came over and pulled me into the rain. My mom was always afraid if I rained on, because when I was child I would get sick if exposed to rain a little. But thanks to him who taught me that playing with the rain was indeed very pleasant.

“Khunnie-ah, look, the overcast skies have started. The rain will come down within a minutes” I shouted to him who was busy playing basketball in our campus.

“So what?” he stopped to dribble the ball and stared at me now.

“I’ll let my body exposed to rain today”

“Huh? Since when you like the rain?” he shouted back at me and continued with his basketball game.

“Ever since you told me that playing in the rain was very fun” I approached him. “Ahh, the rain has fallen, let’s play again with the rain” I took his hand and asked him to spin in the middle of the field.

That was the second time I passed the rain together with him and it was really fun. Furthermore, because I enjoyed it with the people I love, Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul.

“Vic..” he called me when we went home together.

Mwo?” I turned to him.

But when I turned to him, it turns out he sprayed my face with the water rain that he had in both of his hand.

“Ah, yah, Khunnie-ah, you wanna play with me huh? Well, come here you pabo” I yelled to him who had run out of my sight.

“Haha, come on, catch me if you can” he challenged me while speeding his run.

“Don’t worry, I’m very good at running and yes, I definitely will catch you” I put all my energy to pursue his run speed.

That was the third time I passed the rain with him. Playing around just be with him. Unexpectedly my strength is really strong, I could run and caught him. He was also quite surprised as it was the first time he beat by a woman.

“Khun-aah, let’s play scissors, rock, paper with me. Who loses then he/she must carrying those who win get home” I challenged him when we just coming out from the Campuses gates, it was raining.

“Mwo?” he was surprised to hear my challenge.

“Wae? You’re afraid huh?” I glared at him.

“Not afraid, silly, I just don’t want to let you carry me up to the house” he smacked my head slowly. “You know the distance from here to our house is still far away, shirreoyo” he shook his head to refuse me.

“Errr.. So you’re so confident that you’ll win?”

“Geureomyeon” he said confidently.

“Tch, you’re so confident Mr. Buck. Okay, let’s see now” I said to him “Scissors, rock, paper” I started to play that game.

“Are you sure you can carry me up? You know what, today I’ve eaten 4x, so my weight would have been up 2 kg, and if the added….” He mumbling not clear and I immediately interrupt him.

“Aish, stop it will you? I don’t care about your rising weight. Let’s start it quickly” I take the cue to start the game again “Scissors, rock, paper.. Scissors, rock, paper…” I said to him.

“Omo.. omo…. Why is my heart pounding? I was really afraid I’ll win this game” he said confidently while clutching his chest, I felt like once smacked his head.

“Iissshh, let’s start again”

“Scissors, rock, paper” we said in unison.

“Ooooohh, eottheokhae?” He took his hand and stylish as guilty  “I told you I’m gonna win” he said while held my hand.

“Ara.. ara.. hurry up here, I’m the strong woman you know”

“Anhi..anhi.. How could I let my girl carrying my body. Come here, let me carrying you”

“Don’t talk too much, quickly” I bent my body and pulled him to ride on my back.

“Yaaahh.. yaaah.. yaaah!” he was struggling but I quickly flanking his feet by my hands.

“How is it? My body is very heavy right?” he asked as his body was comfortably settled on my back.

Aniyo, you’re very light. Khun-ah, you shouldn’t be skinny”

Mwo? You said I’m skinny?

“Euum, ah, never mind, don’t talk too much” I said while justify his position.

“You know, this is my first time I was carried by a woman”


“Hmm, apparently you’re stronger than I thought”

“Hahaha, that’s why don’t you ever underestimate me, hehehe” I gave him my evil smile.

“Stop.. stop..” he shouted suddenly when we just walk 300 meters away.

“Mwo? Waeyo ? We’re not reach our home yet, don’t move too much or else you gonna fall”

“I said stop, I wanna get off”

“What’s the matter?” I shouted at him.

“Now it’s my turn to carry you” he squatted and pulled me to climb onto his back.

Mwo? Hey!” I haven’t had time to resist but he had managed to make my body is on his back now.

“Hehehehehe.. Isn’t it much better?” he chuckled and held me firmly.

“Tch..” I chuckled and put my hands around his neck, comfortable as well, I thought.

“Hmmm, you’re so light, I thought you will be heavy”

“Hey, what do you mean huh?” I asked sarcastically.

Waeyo? I didn’t mean anything, just telling you the truth that your body is light”

“I gained weight within three days. How could you said I’m light?”

“I don’t care whether you’re heavy or light because I will still love you no matter what” I almost cried hearing those words from him.

“Let’s go home now” he said as he ran by my body was still on his back.

“Yaaaaah, Khunnie-aah, be careful, I could fall you know”

“Hehehehehe..” this pabo just laugh without guilt.

The next rain is the most beautiful rain for me. That day I felt more love him. Nichkhun really stole my heart over the past few months. That day I wanted to stop the time so it won’t be end and I want to repeat and repeat again the moments I drove through the rain with him because of what I feel today is wound when the next rain is the last rain I passed with him.

“Khun-aaaah, sorry I’m late” I said while peeks his cheek when we meet at the park “I’ve got traffic jam” I sit next to him.

Gwaenchanayo” he replied me.

“Khunnie-ah, waeyo?” “What’s with those expression? Are you mad at me because I’m late?” I looked at his pale face.

Anhio, it’s not because of that, I’m not mad at you. Where will you go today? Let me go with you wherever you wanna go”

“Eeuuung, what’s going on? Why suddenly say that? Haha, you like a people who will go away” I laughed, patting his shoulder.

“Just tell me where you wanna go, I will be the obedient Nichkhun for today” he said while massaging my arms.

Omoooo….. hey are you okay? What’s wrong with you today? You’re weird” I glared at him “Wait, are you sick? Just tell me” I said suddenly anxious and watched his face, afraid that he was ill.

“I’ve told you that I’m okay, come on , say it quickly where you wanna go before I change my mind”

“Euuum, okay, I want to go to Namsan Tower. I saw We Got Married yesterday, and the couple goes to there, so I also want to go there”

“Okay, let’s going there”

“But wait, I want us to also write a message of love and put it on the Namsan’s fence. But we don’t have a lock, eotteokhae?”

“Well, then we went to buy now and then go to the Namsan Tower”

Ne….” I replied while swung our intertwined hands.

“You’re writing first” he said to me when we were on the roof of Namsan tower and holding a paper we are going to write.

“You first” I handed him the paper.

“Ladies first” he handed back to me.

“Emm.. Okay, I’ll write it first” I said as I started to write on those paper.

“Done!” I picked up the paper when I’m done writing it. “Look, I wrote Pabo Nichkhun is mine, hehe.. how was it? Do you like it?” I tilted my head to look at him.

“Haha, I like it, gomawo” he said and ruffled my hair “Now it’s my turn” he took the paper and write it seriously.

Whatever happens I will always love you. Wow, this is sweet” I read what was written on the paper while holding my cheeks which is felt hot because of blushing “Is it true that you wrote this? Whatever happens you’ll always love me?” I asked just to make sure.

“Euum…” he nodded knowingly.

“Okay I trusted you, then I want you to do something for me”

“What it is?”

“Don’t ever leave me whatever will happens” I stared at him.

He did not answer, he was silent as he looked into my eyes.

“Where will you go after this? How about try the cable car?” he said suddenly got sidetracked and carrying my handbag.

“Yaaaah, Khunnie-aaah, why you didn’t answer me?” I yelled at him, but he seemed to ignore what I said.

“Woaaaaaaaahh, it’s been a long time we’re not riding this, apparently not much has changed since we last came here three months ago, right? I asked enthusiastically as we’ve been in the cable car.

“Hmm, you’re right” he said simply and looked toward the window.

“Khun-aaah, what exactly happened with you huh? Did you actually eat something wrong? Why you’re not like usual today? And since beginning your expression was sour, you even didn’t smile for me”

“I’m okay, really. Now I’ll smile for you, look at me” he said and pulled my face to look at him.

Shirreoyo” I refused him and turned my face again.

“Vic, look!” he shouted suddenly.

Reflex, I turned to him and it turns out he put his finger in my face, so when I turned a little his finger poking my cheeks”

“Yaaaah! Why you’re so childish?” I yelled to him.

Wae? Isn’t my Victoria likes childish things?” his answer makes me startled.

“Where do you wanna go after this?”

“I’m hungry, I want to eat” I said while holding my stomach which is already growling.

“Okay, what do you wanna eat?”

Samgyeopsal” I said enthusiastic.

Araara, we will eat Sampgyeopsal

“Waaaaahhh.. it’s delicious!” I said to him, now we’ve been at our favorite restaurant and some of our foods is already in front of us, of course our special menu is sampgyeopsal because it was our favorite food.

Bon appetite” we said simultaneously ready to eat our food.

“Aaaaaa…” he fed me his already wrapped sampgyeopsal and I took it gladly.

“Eum…… Yummy” I said as shaking my body to the left and to the right with enthusiasm, that’s my own way of expressing a pleasure when eating good food.

“You do really love sampgyeopsal”

“Hmm.. This is my favorite Korean dish, hehe..” I replied while preparing a sampgyeopsal for him “Khun, aaaaaa…”  I said as I fed him my sampgyeopsal.

“This is really delicious” he said a little unclear because of the fullness of his mouth and I chuckled to see it.

“ooh, I’m so full. Khun-ah, looks like I won’t be able to play again. My stomach is full, you can see my belly is getting expanded” I said while holding my stomach which is growing bulge due fed.

Anhio, there is one place that needs to be visited”


Kajja” he pulled my hands.

“Yah, Khun-ah, why we have to be here? Are we going home?” I asked, confused, because the place that he meant is the usual bus stop which is we used to be there for waiting buses together after classes. This bus stop is like a witness for our love because this is the first place of we met.

Anhi, I just want to stay here while waiting for the rain” he said and sat in there.

“Ehh?? So you’re taking me here just to wait for the rain?”

Ne…” he replied me.

We waited for 3 hours, we stayed at the bus stop just to wait for the rain, not for waiting bus, isn’t it weird? But I’d feel the strangeness when we don’t normally sit next to each other without saying a word.

“Looks like today is not going to rain, we should just go home, it’s already night” He briefly glanced at his watch and stood up.

“Khun, just tell me the truth” I said suddenly, without looking at him. I do not know what came into my mind, it just makes me feel there was something going to happen after this.

“What do you mean? I don’t understand”

“Tell me what actually happened to you? I stared at him.

“It’s weird, today you just like you’re not Nichkhun that I used to know. I know there’s something that you hide right? Say it, I won’t get mad”

He kept silent, as if he were thinking about something.

Eobsseo, I didn’t hide anything from you, really”

“Really?” I looked into his eyes, searching for a sincere through his eyes “but your eyes says different, Mr.Horvejkul” I said to him.

“It’s getting late, let’s go home, your eomma must be searching for you” he said while took my hands and avoiding my eyes.

“I’m not going home if you didn’t tell me” I pulled my hands from him.

He was shocked and now he’s the one who looked into my eyes.

“Do you really want me to tell you?” he asked seriously.

“Yes, say it” I replied him.

“Whatever it is? Even if it’s gonna hurt you?”

I was shocked, my chest suddenly tightened. Although I don’t know what will he say, but I felt it was something serious and I know it gonna make me vulnerable.

Ne…” I tried to answer it coolly.

“I thought our relationship should be end right here” he said with no doubt.

I had never felt what it was struck by lightning, but his words were snapped me as a very loud lightning.

“Is that easy for you to say it? Even you’re not sad about it, is this your planned? Do you planned it for a couple days?”

“Oh, so today you asked me out to the places that I want, eating samgyeopsal together, and even come to this place just because you want to say this?! You really makes me looks stupid, Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul!”

“Yes, you’re right! I purposely do all of those things because I want to say this to you! Are you happy?” he replied me, but his gaze still looks calm like usual. I’m sure I’m gonna die because of this, what the hell is wrong with him? He must be have a personal reason about all of this, but what it is??”

“Okay then, it’s up to you! From now on, our relationship is over, if someday we meet again, let’s pretend that there’s never happened between us. You got it? I will forgive you forever, now excuse me!” “Oh, one more thing, thanks for everything, if you’re really planned this for hurting me, then, congratulation, you did  good job!” I bent down for the last time before I actually went out of his presence.

Rain, as I walked a few steps away, finally heavy rain fell. And as if my heart can not feel anything other than extreme pain, I continued to go and left him at the bus stop which is full of our memories. If I don’t remember a time how he could easily say those words to me, maybe I was dropped my body into this street. But, I do not want to look weak in front of him. Let me keep these weaknesses.

“Victoria, wait….” I dimly heard him calling my name but I do not want to stopped by.

“Don’t cry. You can still live without him” I muttered and strengthen myself as I wiped my eyes.

He who had been right behind me, suddenly pulled me hard and dropped me into his arms.

“Let me go.. Aren’t we don’t have any relation anymore? You have no right to hug me!” I tried to push and release myself from his hug, but for some reason I felt my energy had decreased or his strength is very strong to hold me in his arms, I ended up with couldn’t do anything other than keep silent and let him hug me.

“Just for a moment, just a moment I want to do this to you” he whispered in my ear and tightened his embrace.

I couldn’t do anything other than let him hug me. And stupidly, I could not hold back my tears anymore, I cry in front of him for the first time.

“I had to do all of this, I hope you can understand my situation. I just need you to believe what I wrote at Namsan Tower, I will always love you no matter what happens” He let go of his arms and said something that really made me not understand.

“What are you talking about? I don’t understand”

“Take care of yourself, don’t get sick. From now on don’t play in the rain again, I don’t want you to be sick”

I did not answer, because I really do not know what to say. I wanted to hit his head so he would tell me the truth.

“I have to go” he kissed my forehead for a long time and then pressed his forehead with mine.

Then he went away without telling me what really happened. His steps further away, and I still stand on my ground while my body began to shiver from the cold. It’s strange, I’m not usually shiver like this. Every time I played with him in the rain, I could be strong and won’t be shivering, but this time my body was really shivering.

“Khun-ah…Khunnie-ah…” I realized from my thoughts and I saw him go up to the passing bus, I called his name and chase the bus with my remains energy. “Don’t go, you have to tell me what really happened? Nappeun namja, how could you leave me like this huh? You’re coward, Khun, you’re coward. How can I believe you if you left me without any apparent reason like this? Hurry down, hurry down in here, Khun…” my body getting weaker and in the end my body fell to the asphalt with the rain still pouring me endlessly.

Kajima Khun-ah, kajima…”

It was the last raining I passed with him, the last rain which is still a mystery to me because until now I still don’t know what the real reason he decided to leave me. One year passed since his departure in the rain at the time and now I can only pass the rain alone, without his laughter, without his smile, without his cheeriness and without his figure who is always beside me.

Khun-ah, if it was the last raining I passed with you, maybe I would have notice earlier your strange attitudes. Even for now, every time rain has fell I can only imagine our sweet memories and it made me miss you even more. Where are you? Please come back, I miss you so much.

~ A moment lasts all of a second, but the Memory lives on Forever ~



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  1. I love this story! Is there going to be a continuation you know happy ending? Please let there be a continuation! 🙂

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