425505_398430286897894_1892637654_n Nickhun, a Thai boy, grown up in America. In september 2008, his group 2PM debut. And because of his manner, family background, baby face, and gentleman, he become famous within one year.

Victoria Song, she borned in china, september 2009 she lead 4 young member to debut as f(x), which under SM Entertainment. Unfortunately SM promoted this girl group with wrong method, so f(x) couldn’t be famous when they debut. Nickhun & Victoria position is so much different. One is famous and trending worldwide. Another one is just like a new debut and not many people recognize. But, do u believe in tale? fairy tale..A prince always managed to find Cinderella and this happened in Khuntoria. Now, both of them in the same position after their hardwork. One is Thai Prince. Another one is China Princess.

Their story begin in 10th May 2010, during the Star King. They are really near to each other, Nickhun was like very embarrassed but Victoria don’t know everything yet. During all variety show, Victoria always performed her soft bone and she did everything like band her body , everyone applause for her, but only Nickhun, he asked Victoria, “is that hurt?”

1st Jun 2010, Khuntoria paired up in WE GOT MARRIED, and become husband and wife, one year and 3 months time,. As i said, Nickhun was really famous enough at that time, so Victoria was attacked by antifans. On the second day of filming, Victoria get a 300++ members in her anticafe.

So, Nickhun said in the show, ” I just want to tell her, why i like her, when i like her.” I personally think that he is trying to tell the antifans. He said,”Is me myself to like her first, and is me myself to let Victoria to paired up with me in this show!” He was really good manner in his idol live, but now, he took all the responsibility and he protect Victoria, and refused all the comments of antifans.

Before i know Khuntoria, i couldn’t believe this kind of beautiful love in this world. Victoria is from China, she worked so hard. She was trying to learnt and success. Everyone know that, in Korea, people usually can’t accept Chinese.. Super Junior ex member Hangeng also, he can’t accept the pressure so finally he left, but Victoria stay here, doing her best.

Victoria is leader in f(x), also the oldest. When the 4 other members haven’t grown up, she need to do her responsibility to take care of them, and she went to all variety show by herself, Star King, We Got Married, Invincible youth.

811 known as ” Khuntoria true love day”, Nickhun protect his love by himself, ignored all the antifans, in Busan Incident.

Before 2PM concert in Seoul, antifans spammed his twitter timeline like,” if u dare to film WGM during the concert,” or,” if u planned to make an event for her in the concert, we are not going to buy the concert ticket!!!” So Nickhun tweeted that he won’t do that.

During Nickhun debut, he don’t really have warm smile and good manner, he always blackened his face, all the members also can’t near him. One of the members said in a radio show,“Nickhun don’t usually angry, but when he angry, he will shouted in thai, english, and Korean three different language, and he was really scary at that time.”

Before that, when he faced the antifans, he is trying to endure all the comments. And he bear all the bad comments in his heart, luckily, he met Victoria, a fairy that understand him, take care of him, and protect him.

During Seoul concert, Nickhun was emo and sad, he sing like a mosquito, no energy at all. but during Busan concert, he knew that Victoria came, he was truly excited, he always look at Victoria seat when he perform and showed his warm smile.

Because of the antifans disagree to let he make an event for Victoria during concert, so he did the “yatch event”, worth 31 million won for her. When they get up into their car, they heard the antifans shouting, but the part was cut by the show, so we only saw when Nickhun closed his door angrily.

U guys know about the “Chicken blood” incident? The entertainment was doing nothing, the fans were disagree, all everything bad appeared. The fans told Nickhun not to do anything , don’t say anything or else he will gain more antifans.

That day is the first time he attacked by so many antifans, usually when an article said that Nickhun was close to any female idol, he will immediately said that is only work, not related at all. But this time he din’t said that, he tweeted that night, ” There is no dark at all, if i stay with you, this world is meaningful “ this is a song lyrics that he once sang to Victoria during Christmas .

After the incident, he ignored all the antifans, he even did the skinship more on the show, he bring her back to Thailand, show her to his family, this is the first time we know his family because before that, he was always protecting his family and din’t let them appear in article. And Victoria smile became more beautiful, and Nickhun good husband image appeared.

During “Jay Park incident”, he was very dissapointed and helpless.. he lost his best friend, brother, he received attacks from antifans and everything. He started to hide from the camera, become emo , someone said he depression, but his company said nothing serious, just to let him counseling.

2009 2PM get the award, every members was touched and they cried.. only Nickhun, he was like no feeling, he din’t cry, he hug everyone, and we know that, his smile become officials, not really from his heart.

He found his warm smile when he joined We Got Married, many people said Victoria helped him very much, his smiling eyes appeared, and he is so cute. Thanks to Victoria, he changed his temper and make him smile always.

During November, the antifans started the attacked again. He once told the antifans,” If u continue to hate her, u better hate me also!” After that, this couple live in their world, many people recognized f(x), and many fans started to like Victoria.

SM entertainment was not putting much attention to Victoria, but Nickhun in JYP supported her, he trying to gain up attention from fans to his girl. He even sacrifice, he give up a invitation from a drama, and he gave to chance to one of the member. He support Victoria, without any reason.

Luckily his effort din’t wasted, for example, during WGM, we saw that the 4 MCs in the studio give attention to Nickhun only, like ” wow the girl was so lucky to hold hand with Nickhun!” “wow wuli nickhun ssi so handsome!!” “waaa how happy is Victoria?” but after a few months, they found the charm of this girl, and they also put attention on her, mostly because of Nickhun effort.

FOR HATERS : I just can’t imagine how difficult they live their life since that time till now…When they can meet the one who makes their live happier, they have to feel the pressures from the ones who are hating them…

Guys, let think, if u are the one on that position, what will u guys feel? We know, idols is nothing without fans but we have to remember that many people that also participate on their life to be the success one like now, parents, friends, family, management and maybe their special one in their life…

We don’t know when they feel hurt, when they wanna cry, feel tired…becoz they never want to show those all to us, they just wanna look okay in front of us…Everything they did, just for giving u guys the best even they have to sacrifice their tired feelings, then…di u guys ever think? Did we already give our best for their happiness?

If one or both of them already at heaven, what u guys feel? Loss? Absolutely..but we can’t except the regret feelings, regret bcoz we can’t see they are be together with the ones they love…

We live just once, feel real love also only one time, so now..please let them to choose and find their real love before everything already late…bcoz their happiness are also our happiness….^^

Even if Khuntoria isn’t real or they are not to be together in the future, it’s ok we will accept that fact…But, our love and support will never end….:) that’s it…


English Translation by: Yihui-WGMFacts aka @Panda_OYH

Source : Baidu
via 我們結婚了- Khuntoria

Credit Pict : Joyce.M


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  1. i love khuntoria forever..hoping that they are true couple in life!!!

  2. Khuntoria Forever………stay healthy ! Happinest always!

  3. Why you guys live each other. You guys got married

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