[NEWS] MBC Entertainment uploaded Yongseo & Khuntoria’s moments on Youtube


MBC Entertainment had uploaded the We Got Married Season 2 couples – Khuntoria and Yongseo moments of filming We Got Married last few years ago. The videos were uploaded on Nov 29 and Dec 3, which had arouse the curiosity of fans whether is MBC & WGM PDs going to bring back their couples or doing some kind of reunion.  However, it is believe that fans are hoping their couples could be appear in the show again

Yet there is no any announcement of bringing back the couples back to the show.  So, we just enjoy the following clips that provided by MBC Entertainment!

[Special Feature] We got Married, Khuntoria – Kiss, 미방영 우결, 쿤토리아 – 키스

[Special Feature] We got Married, YongSeo – Dishwashing, 미방영 우결, 용서커플 – 설거지

Video Credit: 
via korea.com


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