[INFO] Today, Khuntoria wearing their 1st Anniversary gift from Khuntorians

kv jacket

woaaaa,,,daebak,,they wore the couple jacket at the same time??and look at their scarf, red and red,,,hahahaha….:D KHUNTORIA FOREVER….

individual pict credit to kobkhunka.com || pieceofgold


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  1. is it true??OMG….
    love is in the air..^^

  2. is it victoria wore scarf that khun gave to her..??

  3. actually, i really ” hate ” khuntoria,, they make me jealous hahaha… sometimes they’re making me (maybe khuntorian) confused with their relationship,, Only khun n vic who know, but i belive they have a reason to live their love story… I love khuntoria

  4. To much coincident….make my heart flutter n wish 4 something that only khun n vic know its answer…..♡♥♡~~:P ….. khuntoria fighting…….khuntorian jjang….

  5. This just made my day!!! Daebakk!!! keeps us Khuntorian’s in a spazzing mode hehehe… Khuntoria is REAL! Khuntoria Forever! ♥♥♥ 😉

  6. You know, I’m ex-old khuntorian but still I believe in my deepest heart these two are need each other and have something going-on behind. Remember how they cried and holding tears in front of each other? Maybe they’re many other shippers of Khun and VIc but if you following them from the very start, how antifans can be scary, how they avoid each other, how they slowly affected, You’ll see both leave kind of deep impression (like, love, affection or else I dunno) to each other. Plus, true or not, I wanna believe that bvlgari ring are their couple ring^^
    Khuntoria Forever

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