[TRANS] 2PM Message for Hottests


Taecyeon: Hottest! Fighting to our future!! Aja aja!
Chansung: We, 2PM, only believe in Hottest!! We are really thankful for your never-ending support and love! I love you! ♥ Haha..!!
Junho: 4th Generation Hottest!! Congratulations ^__^ ♥ Let’s run through the year 2013 brilliantly together ♥ We’re always thankful to you!! ^____^ ♥♥♥
Jun. K: ALL THE HOTTEST IN THE WORLD! You guys who are always filled with love and trust, you guys who are hotter than anybody else!
Nichkhun: I wish you all good health and happiness always, and I hope you’ll get rich! Thank You! Always & 4ever ♥ =]
Wooyoung: The warm hearts of you guys that always supports us ♥ We will never ever forget them! I love you~ a lot~ ♥

scan by baque0325 | translated by bbiyak25 @ W2D ; via fyjunho


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