[FANACC] 121222 Khuntoria Moment at 2PM LIVE TOUR in Macau

1. Taec took one Khuntorian’s polaroid and took photos. ( cr: cai蔡菜菜 )

2. I held a Khuntoria LED. Khun pointed at me& threw his cloth to me. ( cr: cai蔡菜菜 )

3. A fan gave “Hi! I’m a Khuntorian” banner to Khun’s mom…at Hi-5 event, a fan held a Nai Religion banner upside down. Khun twisted his head to look at it. I think he has already noticed our banners.( cr: cai蔡菜菜)

4. A Khuntorian took pictures with khun’s mother,then gave Khun’s Mom a brooch,moth,she said “omg so cute thank u, at last they shook hands….So happy~ ( cr: Viviiian )


5. One Khuntorian sent the yellow khuntoria banner(as the picture) to Khun’s mom. And khun’s mom accepted it as a gift. ( cr: @Kary_Cat )


6. During “Give it to me”, Khun sat down in front of Khuntorians land…A winnie holding up the banner in front of Khun then he noticed, pointed, nodded…( cr. @S的2012一定大發-維尼必須大發 || 自游自在zz )



via ‏@mokcheng0828 || @naireligion || Shirely || 我們結婚了- Khuntoria


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