[FANACC] 121222 What Time is It Live Tour in Macau

This article is written by my mom. and I posted it on winnie bar. JYP is really so “brave”. the concert is on 12/22. aren’t you afraid that nobody will buy the tickets ?? When checking in,we saw 2pm’s poster. then everyone screamed and took pics with it.
Taec’s fans gave away banners to us. we held those banners when Taec solos. we also took many Khun’s banners.

I saw a familiar figure. OMG !! it’s khun’s mom ~ my idol. we said “Sawadika” to her and took pics with her.
Khun’s mom is very white and beautiful. I said to my friend “calm down calm down”. when Khun’s mom heard it,she laughed so happily. At this moment, my friend told me why she can’t take pics. oh ~ dear,you pressed the wrong button. you pressed the “power off” button. so we took pics again. his mom is very patient and nice. then I said ” THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH “. she said ” YOU ARE VERY WELCOME “. then she held my hands and asked ” where are you from? “. I pointed at my clothes and said ” I’m from Canada “.
she is so humorous. every Khuntorian knows Khun is from Thailand. so is she ~ of course. she said if without your support,Khun is just a normal person and thank you.

Khun always looked at our section. what attracted you ?? maybe because of Khuntoria banners.
when “let it rain”,all fans sang with Khun together. so touching ~ next morning, we met Khun’s grandmom…

cr: dragon5y ; via ‏@mokcheng0828


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