What 2PM members think about each other?

What’s members think about Nichkhun?

Chansung : very handsome.
Minjun : handsome in any case.
Junho : Khun looks beautiful, and his heart also beautiful.
Wooyoung : kind enough to take care of the others
Taecyeon : Khun is a gentleman

What members think about Wooyoung?

Chansung : gifted with a great sense of humour that makes people laugh
Minjun : cute!
Junho : Very funny!
Nichkhun : A Mother!!
Taecyeon : Funny!

What members think about Chansung?

Taecyeon : Chansung is.. BIG!
Nichkhun : like a friend from next door
Wooyoung : Very considerate and think from the other person’s point of view as well
Junho : Chansung is the maknae. And cute.
Minjun : Glutton

What members think about Junho?

Taecyeon : very manly, charming, and cool
Nichkhun : an adolscent maknae
Wooyoung : Mischievous, honest, and hardworker.
Minjun : he’s a hardworker
Chansung : impatient

What members think about Minjun?

Chansung : he’s funny and a music lover.
Junho : Minjun is.. Good at singing.
Wooyoung : able to read the mood and amuse of people.
Nichkhun : an uncle!
Taecyeon : Minjun is innocent!

What’s members think about Taecyeon?

Chansung : Taecyeon is very positive and active
Minjun : Taecyeon is very passionate
Junho : Both his mind and looks are handsome
Wooyoung : Well, his images is very manly, but he’s very kind
Nichkhun : Taecyeon is.. very hyung-type

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