[RANDOM] 2PM Member’s Ideal Girl Type

Q: What is your ideal girl type and age like?
Wooyoung: Age wise, it would be about 5 years older than me or 1 year younger. I’m attracted to a wise girl who can come to grips with her own work positively
Taecyeon: It’s the same for me. Additionally, she must be someone who can understand me. I am okay with someone 10 years older, or someone not younger than 20 years old.
Chansung: I don’t care about age although there are a lot of older women who treat me as a younger brother Women who carry their own style are charming.
Junho: I don’t make a fuss over age too. Gentle but firm with a tough heart; however, for me, a gentle girl is my ideal.
Nichkhun: Gentle, cute and sexy, she must take good care of the parents and family. I’ve loved a woman 6 years older and I love older women in general. I feel relaxed with them because they’re mature and understanding.
Minjun: Her outer appearance should be cute with a lovely smile. If on the inside, she has good judgement and is able to hold her own opinion then that’s perfect!
All members: That’s too high of an ideal~

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  1. Nichkhun with vic
    n minjun with hyeje0ng?
    Haia…cute 😀

  2. Hello there,
    Ha ha…we agree with all of you….That’s too high of an ideal.ke ke
    Have a nice day.

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