[TRANS] Cool Music Magazine (Khun Interview)

MC: Next is Nichkhun (this boy has not said a word from the start) seeing Nichkhun, you know in a split second what language he is good in.

Nichkhun: naturally is Thai

MC: Kobhunka (means Thank You in Thai) during this concert, Nichkhun will have your own Solo performance. Hence, during this performance, will it include your self-composed song?

Nichkhun: This song will definitely be performed for everyone, the song is written by me. I wrote this song while thinking about our fans. I used the feelings of love and gratitude towards the fans and wrote it into a song, hope everyone will look forward to it.

MC: We look forward to the wonderful performance of this song tomorrow night too.

Nichkhun: Thank you.

MC: Actually the press conference today is only a prelude to the concert tomorrow. Thank you 2PM and we look forward to a spectacular performance! Thank you everyone!

The Prelude that is not rushed

Compared to previous press conference where schedule was tight and time was rushed, the atmosphere this round seems just nice and our preparation for any delays of the press con was unnecessary.

During the stipulated time, all 6 members came in without delay. The members in their natural selves have made a good impression on many of the reporters present.

Seeing the actual members made us realized that there is not much difference to what we imagined them to be with the exception of Nichkhun whose face is really small!

Not just his face, when standing up his built seems to be slimmer than the rest.
Even though so, we really couldn’t laugh. Previously, didn’t we just shout “Handsome boy with small face”? Looking at how he had lost weight, we could only sigh…Seeing this child, how troubled he had been and lost weight.

Similarly,Nichkhun was very low-key during the press conference, when there isn’t a need to answer questions, he would sit there quietly.Taec who is sitting next to him,seems to be worried about this good friend,and would on and off shower him him with looks of concern.

Sometimes when Nichkhun is unable to answer a question, Taec will always be the first to help this brother out. No matter what, this picture simply warms us from the bottom of our hearts.

Credits to:@crystal_xiao Forkhun for Magazine scans – Thank you!

Note: Trans is done as close as possible to actual interview. Pardon if there are any errors.

Trans by FollowKhun.



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  1. Sorry, but do you have a video of the actual interview?

  2. When was the concert?

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