[NEWS] 2PM Tokyo Dome Concert, Announced in Full-pages of Asahi-Yomiuri Newspapers in the New Year

2PM Tokyo Dome Concert, Announced in Full-pages of Asahi-Yomiuri Newspapers in the New Year 2PM April 20-21, Hosts Tokyo Dome Concert with 110,000 People


2PM, decorates the full-pages of Asahi and Yomiuri Newspapers, Japan’s leading dailies, on January 1st, 2013

From April 20th-21st, Hosts Tokyo Dome Concert ‘LEGEND OF 2PM in TOKYO DOME’ with total of 110,000 people

The first Tokyo Dome Concert of 2PM, who have been placed as the top artists within 2 years of activities since the group’s debut on May, 2011

The group’s second full-length album in Japan ‘LEGEND OF 2PM’ is planned to be released on February 13th


2PM, Asia’s best male group, kicked off the fancy 2013 on a promising note with full-page announcements in Asahi and Yomiuri newspapers on January 1st.


Asahi and Yomiuri newspapers, along with Mainichi newspaper, are the dailies known as Japan’s top 3 prominent newspapers. On January 1st, 2013, Asahi and Yomiuri newspapers reported in a full-page article that 2PM will be hosting its first Tokyo Dome concert ‘LEGEND OF 2PM in TOKYO DOME’ and that it will release a new album ‘LEGEND OF 2PM.’


As, it has not been even 2 years since the group’s official debut in Japan in May, 2011, the news about 2PM’s Tokyo Dome exclusive concert surprised the local fans and even the officials in the related industry, and reassured 2PM’s dignity and popularity that is beyond one’s imagination in Japan.


Starting with its debut showcase in 2010, 2PM’s exclusive concerts in Japan such as Jeff Tour and Arena Tour have been completely sold-out. The group’s single albums, ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Masquerade’, released in Japan in 2012, both placed #1 on Tower Records Chart and #2 on Oricon Chart; the two albums consecutively received the certification of Gold, a status given to the albums that are sold more than 100,000 copies, from Japanese Recording Industry Association.


Both of its Single albums released in 2012 sold more than 100,000 copies in just 2 days, and the Single ‘Beautiful’ even became the single that sold the most copies at Tower Records’ Shibuya store, the largest branch of Tower Records in the world. As the album set a new phenomenal record of the best-selling Single in history in the World’s largest records store, 2PM holds its place as the most popular artist in Japan.


‘LEGEND OF 2PM,’ the group’s 2nd full-length album to be released on February 13th, will contain a total of 13 tracks, including the popular Single ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Masquerade’. As the bonus CD will include the solo tracks of the 6 individual members, enabling a listener to feel the member’s personality and sensibility, it raises even higher expectations.


Furthermore, 2PM’s 1st Tokyo Dome concert is set to take for 2 days from April 20th to 21st, and is expected to draw a total of 110,000 spectators in total, with 55,000 for each concert. As 2PM’s concerts are known to be sold-out and recording powerful successes, the local officials are already looking forward to the upcoming Tokyo Dome concert.


According to a representative of JYP Entertainment, “2013 will be a year in which 2PM, after having been active and receiving much love in Japan, will make a new leap forward” and the representative said that “2PM’s Tokyo Dome concert will present an upgraded version of the beast-idol 2PM with various performances and a powerful stage. Please show much love and support.”


Meanwhile, 2PM will start Arena tour from January 11st with 150,000 spectators.

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