[EngSub] 120620 f(x) – SSTP Quick Quiz

Transcript by h-unnie
Shindong: No matter what questions I ask, you have to answer it.
f(x): Okay~
Shindong: Start! Which male idol’s phone number have you added recently?
Amber: Infinite Sunjong
Shindong: Krystal, in f(x) do you think that you rank top 3 in beauty? Yes or no? 1,2,3!
Krystal: …No…
f(x): Eeeeey~
Shindong: Eeeeeey~
Victoria: You wanted to say yes!
Shindong: In Super Junior, who is closest to your ideal type in looks?
Luna: Sungmin oppa
Shindong: How much money can you lend to your members?
Victoria: Uhh… 1 hundred million!
f(x): *laughs*
Shindong: If you have an older brother, which member would you want to introduce him to?
Amber: Uhh.. Sulli!
f(x): *laughs*
Shindong: Okay, who has the biggest difference before and after makeup?
Krystal: Can I say it?
Shindong: Yeah!
Krystal: Luna..
Shindong: *laughs*
Luna: W-what?
Shindong: Member who nags the most?
Luna: Victoria unnie

Shindong: These questioons are fun. Krystal, I hope you can answer.
Krystal: Okay~
Shindong: 2PM Nichkhun, Big Bang TOP, Beast Doojoon. You can only choose one to have dinner with.
f(x): Oooohh… *laughs*
Shindong: Not as a date, don’t get mistaken. It could just be you having dinner with a close friend.
Krystal: Who was the first one again?
Victoria: Nichkhun!
Shindong: Nichkhun-sshi. Is he your pick?
Krystal: No…
Shindong: 2PM Nichkun, Big Bang TOP, Beast Doojoon. Who will you choose? 1,2,3!
Krystal: … haha.
Shindong: It’s hard, right?
Krystal: Yes it’s hard…hmm… we’ll all eat together.
Shindong: Together?
Krystal: Yes~
Shindong: So greedy!!

at 2:41 Vic laughs when Krystal asked about Nichkhun, hahaha…that question should’ve be addressed to Victoria….wondering, would she choose…LOL

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