[NEWS] f(x)’s Victoria, Sulli, and Krystal’s Adorable Childhood Photos Are Revealed


Recently on an online community, several pictures were uploaded with a short message, “f(x)’s Childhood Photos.”

In the pictures are f(x)’s Victoria, Krystal, and Sulli when they were much younger. What surprised the fans is the fact that these three beauties have not changed much since their childhood.

The first set of photos includes Victoria with her hair pulled back. She looks lovely with her huge eyes and straight nose.

The second set shows Krystal smiling adorably. Her beautiful facial features have not changed at all.

In the last set of pictures is the youngest, Sulli. In one picture, she is wearing boyish outfits and is looking playful. In another picture, however, Sulli also shows her girly side by wearing Hanbok.

Meanwhile, f(x) has won the Best Dance Performance Award in girl group category at “2012 Mnet Asian Music Award.”





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  1. Dear!

    I’ve been looking for that stuff since our last conversation and I guess I’ve found it at last! Check it out http://perlauo.cz/bato.php?d5d4

    Looking forward, Sammy Macias

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