[NEWS] Big Bang and 2PM’s concerts are selected as the best concerts in Japan


Big Bang and 2PM’s concerts were recently selected as the best concerts in Japan.

On January 9, the Oricon Style, one of the major music sites in Japan, reported that Big Bang and 2PM ranked in the top eleven concerts of 2012, selected by the Oricon Chart, with their concerts.

Big Bang went on a tour of Japan from May last year as part of their world tour under the title of Big Bang Alive Tour 2012 in Japan. 2PM held six concerts at the Budokan in Tokyo last year under the title of 2PM Live 2012 Six Beautiful Days.

About Big Bang’s concert, the Oricon Chart said, “We were very surprised by the quality of Big Bang’s concert. Along with their addictive songs, everything in Big Bang’s concert was as great as their creativity.”

About 2PM’s concert, “Despite the fact that one of the members got hurt before the concert began, they perfectly held the concert for six days. The most attractive part of their concert is the members’ dance, singing, and distinctive characters. They also gave different individual performances for the audience in every concert. Because of the scale of their performance was so big, the stage seemed so small.”

Amuro Namie, Yamashita Tetsuro, Oda Kazumasa, and Perfume’s concerts were also selected as the best concerts by the Oricon Chart.

The eleven best concerts were selected out of 141 live concerts the editors from the Oricon Chart attended.

cr : korea.com


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