[NEWS] 2PM Started ARENA TOUR, 10,000 Audience Stood Up Enthusiastically


2PM Started ARENA TOUR, 10,000 Audience Stood Up Enthusiastically
2PM ARENA TOUR, Strikes Fukuoka!
2PM Starts an Eagerly-Anticipated ARENA TOUR in Fukuoka

– On the 11th and the 12th, the fancy door of ARENA TOUR was opened in Marine Messe, Fukuoka with a total of 20,000 audience

– ‘LEGEND OF 2PM’ will mobilize 150,000 fans throughout 13 concerts in Japan’s 6 ARENA concert halls

– MD goods that were personally designed by the 6 members for the ARENA TOUR have been sold-out

– A surprise birthday party for the member Jun. K, making a memorable birthday with a celebration of 10,000 fans

– Distinguished with ‘2012 Japan’s Best Concert 11,’ 2PM presents the first concert of 2013

– With the stage and the performance that will become legendary, ‘LEGEND OF 2PM’ will captivate Japan

Asia’s best male group, 2PM opened the fancy door of 2013 ARENA TOUR ‘LEGEND OF 2PM’, starting in Fukuoka on the 11th and the 12th.

Starting with Japan’s debut showcase in 2010, 2PM has been distinguished both in name and reality as Asia’s best male group by selling out its exclusive concert such as the Zepp Tour the first ARENA TOUR. For about 2 months, 2PM will mobilize 150,000 fans throughout 13 concerts in total, one of which is the Fukuoka concert, in Japan’s 6 ARENA concert halls.

Coming on the stage of the eagerly-anticipated first ARENA concert, 2PM presented their unique dignified appearance as the fans who filled the Marine Messe concert hall in Fukuoka shouted; with the more complete and fancier performance than that of the last tour, 2PM impressed 20,000 sensations to 20,000 fans for 2 days.

In particular, ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Masquerade’, the Singles that recorded #1 in Tower Records Singles Sales last year with the explosive love they received, distinguished 2PM’s powerful energy with the fantastical performances of the mermaid the mask dances. The sexy performance of Chansung prepared for the ARENA TOUR, and the self-composed songs of Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Junho, and Jun. K revealed the members’ individuality and their high-quality senses without doubt; as the peak of the concert, the members individual performances elevated the level of the complete concert.

At the concert, 2PM disclosed the tracks of ‘LEGEND OF 2PM’, the 2nd full-length album in Japan that will be released in February 13th, reaching the climax of the fan’s expectation about the new album.

Furthermore, at the concert on the 12th, the five members of 2PM had prepared a surprise birthday party for Jun. K, and so, Jun. K had a blissful, memorable birthday with 10,000 fanlights that filled up Marine Messe and the fan’s lovely birthday song.

With 2PM’s exclusive, extreme performance and a stage design that allows to reach fans closer, the first ARENA TOUR was the perfect concert that made the 20,000 audiences to stood up enthusiastically for the two days. It is said to be the concert of ‘LEGEND’ with the members’ more fluent Japanese and their lives that led admiration of the spectators, as well as the related staff members.

Meanwhile, the recent ARENA TOUR displayed various MD goods that have been personally designed by the 6 members for the fans they love and the explosive popularity led to scarcity of the following items: Taecyeon’s Ok Cat Lunch Box/Ok Cat Card Holder, Junho’s Pouch/Can Badge, Jun. K’s Jumper/Zipper Ring, Chansung’s Socks/Lip Balm, Wooyoung’s Notebook Pouch/Candles, and Nichkhun’s House Slippers/Aroma Diffuser, and so on.

Having started the eagerly-anticipated ARENA TOUR in success, 2PM has reported impression, “We could not sleep because of the happiness and the thrilling excitements about our 2nd ARENA TOUR. It was a memorable time to meet the fans again with the performances that we prepared hard, and we will do our best for the remaining tours. We thank you again for the hot love that we receive.”

2PM continues the ARENA TOUR ‘LEGEND OF 2PM’ in Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo, and Sapporo by February.

Meanwhile, 2PM faces Tokyo Dome concert with 110,000 audiences in upcoming April 20th and 21st.

source : JYP Nation facebook


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