[NEWS] 2PM starts the new year touring Japan


Group 2PM started the new year holding concerts in Japan.

2PM started holding the ‘Legend of 2PM’ on January 11 and 12 in Fukuoka. The group will hold thirteen concerts in total at six arena venues with over 150,000 fans.

The group will show off their various appeals performing their hit songs including the singles “Beautiful” and “Masquerade,” which ranked first on the Tower Record. Nichkhun, Taec Yeon, Jun Ho, and Jun.K will also give their individual performances.


The group will also perform their second Japanese EP, which will be released on February 13.

On January 13, 2PM’s agency, JYP Entertainment, said, “2PM made the audience go wild with excitement by giving powerful performances. Their fluent Japanese skills and live performances made the concert more enjoyable.”


2PM said, “We were so excited to hold the second arena tour that we couldn’t even sleep. We were so happy to meet our fans again and we will do our best to hold the rest of the concerts. Thank you for your love.”

2PM will hold the Tokyo Dome concert on April 20 and 21 with over 110,000 fans.

Source: Starnews
Credit pict by JYPE
via korea.com


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