[PICS/SCAN] SMTown Live World Tour III in Singapore Official Goods






Scan by ilovfx

Cr: fx组合吧 ; via welovevictoria


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Seorang wanita biasa, istri dan calon ibu...:)

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  1. Hi there,
    Ohh…all of you’re so attractive.The leader is very pretty and sexy.Love your eyes n sexy lips…he he.
    Rak na jub jub.
    Good night.

  2. Hi there,
    It’s such a gloomy Friday evening for us.Feel like much more tired than at work.Missing our angel,the strong kind hearted lady sooooo much.R u doing well at the moment? Thailand love u n miss u madly.
    Take care.
    Love u in all weather.

  3. Honey,
    Happy Birthday!! Wish all your dreams come true.
    Love you in all weather.
    Rak na jub jub.

  4. Hi our sexy angle,
    Would like to give this song for you as a birthday present..”.May Be This Time”.Its beautiful keke.
    Rak na ka.

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