[VID/TRANS] 130116 KOICA’s Dream Epilogue – Khun cut

CAPS: What is a morning like for the Tanzania team?
The next step should be easier to do 
CAPS: The day which begins with building a toilet
NR: In tanzania, self made old style toilets have to be used
Hands are pretty ~
MV: Look at the fingernails..
CAPS: Nichkhun who is busy praising the dirt on his hands
CAPS: The dirt in the nails and on the palms have reached a whole new level
CAPS: Forget about your idol image
MV: It’s the end x 3
After returning to Korea, Nichkhun who has returned to his perfect Top idol image
CAPS: In the middle of filming a commercial: NICHKHUN
PD nim you’re the person who has seen most of my embarrassing ways. Even some of our staff have never seen that side of me before
Naturally working so hard, there’s no choice but to become like that
Even though that (idol) image has been completely thrown away, there’s nothing i can really regret about it. I can only seriously watch the show
CAPS: Nichkhun’s time of reflection~
It was a heart healing experience, it allowed me a lot of time to think and reflect. I felt like I understand myself once again, and I’m always thinking back to how fortunate I am

credit video by a.ringo
Trans by fykhun


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