[NEWS] 2PM to host ‘Korean Courses Through TV’ on Japan’s NHK channel for 2nd consecutive year


2PM has been selected to host Japanese TV channel NHK‘s educational program ‘Korean Courses Through TV‘ for the second year!

NHK revealed through an official press conference on the 7th that 2PM will continue to be the faces of ‘Korean Courses Through TV’ for 2013. 2PM first appeared on the show last April and hosted their own special segment called ‘2PM’s One Point Korean‘, in which they personally taught phrases that are frequently used when traveling in Korea.

The group shared, “We are extremely happy to teach Japanese viewers the Korean language through ‘Korean Courses Through TV’ last year and this year. We will work harder to prepare a more fulfilling program. We thank you for your great love.”

2PM will also continue their Japanese promotional activities and will make a guest appearance on ‘Osama No Brunch‘ on the 9th as well as perform “Masquerade” on NHK’s ‘Music Japan‘ on the 10th.

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