[NEWS] 130228 f(x) cheer on SHINee backstage at MBC’s Show Champion


In order to congratulate SHINee on their comeback, family members f(x) have stepped forward.

On February 28th, SM’s official Twitter uploaded a photo that SHINee and f(x) took together showing an affectionate image.

This photo was taken on February 27th in the waiting room of MBC Music’s Show Champion, the day SHINee seized first place for the first time after making this comeback.

f(x)’s Luna, Sulli, Victoria, and Krystal are smiling brightly and striking V poses with the SHINee members. Show Champion MC Amber cannot be spotted and among SHINee Key is also missing, and is evoking curiosity.

Fans who saw the photo showed reactions such as, “Everyone is so pretty and cool,” “What people are this pretty,” “As expected, one family.”

Source: Newsen via Nate & SMTOWNGLOBAL @ Twitter
Translation: 0wonhee @ iheartfx.com


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