Born in 1988. Blood type: O. He’s from Thailand, good at Thai, English, Korean and Japanese.
He endorsers many ads such as cosmetics for the sweet figure.

Q: If you go to the party in three people?
A: With Jun. K and Wooyoung. I want them to make everyone laugh since I can’t say anything funny.

– LOVE –
I’d like to go to the river for camping with her if I go on a date in spring. Just the two of us, I’d like to sing a song for her!
An active woman who can play sports and cook together would be nice. And a woman who take cares of her family.
I want nothing from her if she is a kind person who loves her family. Her fashion style on a date… Actually I’m not so interested in fashion, but..
I want her to wear clothes something light color that is pink or white. The style being not too sexy is essential!! (laughs)

I did volunteer activity as part of a Korean program with Taecyeon in Africa for two weeks.
While I was spending in Nature by pitching a tent on sand, I felt so fulfilled as I was able to feel that a cell-phone and Internet were unnecessary.
I ordinarily like to keep myself neat. But that’s really trifles there…
I was glad that I was able to feel the reality of being helpful for somebody by moving my body to build a school together every day.

I ordinarily adopt red color for my fashion. The feeling of red color is manly and passionate, right? That’s why I like it. I used to like blue color too.
My favorite red-colored item I bought lately is an iPad case! That’s currently my favorite♪

– Handwriting message –
To CanCam readers~~. Please be careful not to catch a cold♡

Scanned & Eng trans by rikakotsu @JunkayStreet


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