[FANACC] 130101 2PM (-Chan) in Manila Presscon [2]


1. Nichkhun: Chansung is busy filming a drama in Korea, he’ll be in the concert, don’t worry!

2. Nichkhun: Our friendship and teamwork are our greatest strengths, also our honesty. We love each other very much ❤”

3. Junho: For each member they have individual schedules. Jun K composes his songs.

4. 2PM speaking in Tagalog? “mahal na halo halo and miss you kita” (that sounds redundant) XD

5. Wooyoung: Mahal ko Philippines. Ma-halo-halo. ;AAAAAA; ♥

6. Taecyeon: It could be acting, modeling, radio dj. There are many ways we can express our love for you (guys).

7.Host: You may now take your seats / Taecyeon: Can we say Hi first?

8. Jun.K: I wanna meet Kyla (a Filipina singer)

9. Taecyeon: So fans wait for us. we are very grateful, we wanna see you!

via fadedwish || we love 2PM


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