[FANACC] 130101 2PM (-Chan) in Manila Presscon [3]



2. Wooyoung said mahal kita, salamat po. junho said miss u kita.

3. Taecyeon said prepare for the next album that will “blow your mind”

4. Taec talked about solo projects too. acting, solo albums but everything is confidential yet so he cant talk about anything..then khun said “but taec you already said everything” :))))))

5. Taec said they love the view in the Philippines although they’ve only seen it from their hotel window :p

6. Wooyoung talked about chansung being in a drama.. 🙂

7. 2pm said they prepared something special for their Filipino fans. ♥

8. Their sitting arrangements at the presscon was jun. k, nichkhun, taecyeon, wooyoung and junho ♥

9. Taec was really so tall. O_o and the ceiling of the room was low.. so we were telling him to be careful with his head.. 🙂

10. Wooyoung is so cute and handsome at the same time.. im sorry but most of the time i was really just staring at him…

11. Lastly khun said they are probably not ready for hollywood acting yet bec. they still need to work on their skills more…then he repeated but most especially their teamwork then woo made the “2” of the 2pm sign with a huuuge smile :))))

12. They asked what is 2pm’s best asset..khun said it’s their teamwork and honesty..coz they show who they really are off and on cam..

via 0430mayi || we love 2PM


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