[FANACC] 130302 Khuntorian at What Time Is It Concert Philippines

When sending out Khuntoria banners, a 2pmhottestph staff came and said they can help us. She shouted “Khuntoria”. Just in 5 minutes,all banners were sent out. Then Khuntorians & Hottests took a pic together. That HT unnie is really nice. Khuntorians really like Nai’s banners and took selcas with them. After a while,JYP & PH tv station staffs came and took pics of our banners.

BEaX3P2CYAAJpeq.jpg large

Although they prohibited all banners & lightsticks, some Khuntorians hid them in bags and showed them to Khun. He is really happy during the whole concert. 2pm sang a PH song. at the end,he bowed 20+ times.

cr. Nai Religion
Trans by mokcheng0828


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