22 The Unknown Things Khun Did for Qian




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  1. Still hoping that they will be together back. I miss them crazily.. I dont know why I love the couple so much.. Even I try to look at another wgm couple, I cant. I love Khuntoria so much. Same with f(x). My friends always asked me, why I love only one girl group because most girls will love the boy group. But I will support them 4 plus Sulli. I miss the giant baby so much.

  2. I hope Nichkhun will find his true soulmate. Even if it’s not in his type of favor, I hope Nichkhun will always looks life in a positive ways. Isn’t it a reality that we don’t receive things in a way that 100% perfectly matches our desires? We have to do adjustment on our mentality. Don’t you think so, too? We have to grow and learn so long as we’re living. Good Luck to Nichkhun and his partner. My love to every beings in equal and no biasism!

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